Iyabo Ojo calls out MC Oluomo over their sour relationship, takes swipe at Kudirat Ogunro (Video)


Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has finally addressed her soured relationship with Musiliu Akisanya, popularly known as MC Oluomo.

Recall that the two used to be best of friends until they severed ties over Iyabo Ojo’s support for Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

In an Instagram live session, Iyabo Ojo addressed their deteriorated friendship as she made it clear that she was never in a relationship with him.

Iyabo Ojo revealed that one of the things that baffle her is when people try to control others because of the favor they rendered to them.

For her, this is one thing she detests, and doesn’t believe in that school of thought.

Iyabo blamed their deteriorated friendship on MC Oluomo, who has since blocked her. Nevertheless, Iyabo still harbors love and respect for him and is open to reconciliation.

Bringing Lege into the picture, she questioned how Lege Miami knew that MC Oluomo gave her 3 million if he didn’t broadcast it to the world. Iyabo set the record straight that the money was to support her mother’s burial.

In a surprising twist, Iyabo Ojo took swipe at her ex-god-daughter, Kudirat Ogunro, who recently shaded those who didn’t support MC Oluomo’s chosen candidate.

Iyabo noted how she gave Kudirat her grandfather’s make, sheltered her, took her in as her daughter, paid her Kudirat’s child’s school fees, and even introduced Kudirat to the movie industry.

“There is no fight, there is no war, it’s all peace and love.

It baffles me why people feel they have the right to you because they have done one or two things for you before. So you must support them. I am not from that school of thought. There is something I detest and that is trying to take control of someone’s life because you have done them a favor.

I woke up this morning to a video that MC Oluomo did.

MC I really love you, you are a nice person, I see you as my friend. I was never your girlfriend, I never said yes it you. If I invite you to my party it’s because I regard you. I have always supported you because I see you as a good person.

But in this case, I chose not to because I don’t believe in your candidate. That shouldn’t make us fight.

The 3 million you gave me was to support my mother’s burial”.

Speaking to Kudirat Ogunro, she said, “Semilore pweety (Judy Ogunro) you are my daughter. I gave you my grandfather’s name. You are my first adopted child. I took her in as a child, she stayed me with for 10 to 11 years. I sent her child to school and introduced her to the movie industry”.


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